“What many of us need to repent of is a cold, pragmatic heart that loves ministry and barely loves the King of glory.”
— Matt Chandler (via earthstranger)
“If you say, “I can do whatever I want because I will be forgiven,” the Holy Spirit of Christ does not dwell in you.”
— Matt Chandler (via belovedsonofgod)
“We dont remember the gospel well enough. And its a door we walk through onto other things. You don’t get grace enough to know that when you blow it, God still celebrates his son in you. In fact, I think the litmus test of whether or not you understand the gospel is what you do when you fail. Do you run from him and go clean yourself up a little bit before you come back into the throne room or do you approach the throne of grace with confidence? If you don’t approach the throne of grace with confidence, you don’t understand the gospel. You still think it depends on you, like you can get yourself clean enough to get in the club. It’s not you at your worst that God has a problem with alone - it’s when you’re at your best! It’s when you NAIL it, that you’re filthy before the Lord! It’s on your best day that you are offensive to God without Jesus Christ.”
— Matt Chandler (via earthstranger)

(via earthstranger)

“The good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ is not that if you follow Jesus everything goes well for you. That’s not the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel is that no matter what comes, He’ll be enough. You get God, that’s what you get. You get reconciled, you get alienation fixed. And so no matter what comes, you get Him. And I’ve said that before, and I’m saying that now”
— Matt Chandler (via kennethgcampbell)
“Here is why moral tinkering is never going to work. Here is why, “I’m going to make myself a better person,” is never going to work. What we just read in this text is really the heart of the problem. It’s the problem of the heart. You’re the problem. Your heart is the problem. It’s not outside of you; it’s in you, which is why you can’t solve it.”
— Matt Chandler (via kissthewave)
“Everybody I meet wants new revelation. They don’t, however, want to be obedient to what they already know. They want what’s next. Hear me: you growing in truth is inseparably connected to you practicing the truth that you know.”
— Matt Chandler (via earthstranger)
“Christ, in his life, death, and resurrection, has put death to death. He has killed sorrow and loss. He has destroyed disease. He has eradicated loneliness. He has created gladness of heart for all who will believe and put their trust in him. Upon second advent, at the return of Christ, what has already been paid for will be redeemed in full.”
— Matt Chandler (via theforgettingofherself)
“Even in you behaving rightly, more than likely you have wrong motivation, and you are stealing the glory from God, who alone can clean your heart.”
— Matt Chandler  (via kissthewave)


What ends up happening to so many of us is that we spend so much time trying to put sin to death that we don’t spend enough time striving to know God deeply, trying to gaze upon the wonder of Jesus Christ and have that transform our affections to the point where our love and hope are steadfastly on Christ. The goal is this: that Christ would become more beautiful and desirable than the allure of sin.

- The Explicit Gospel, Matt Chandler

“If you ultimately long to be holy, hope to be holy, hate the sin in your life, and are struggling to get there but keep falling short, and you’re in this kind of weird cycle where you kind of run to God for a season, then you run away to clean yourself up, then you run back to God, then you kind of run away when you screw up, and then you run back… If you have yourself in that cycle, I’m telling you, you’re walking in a fear-based religion that does not quite understand that God has already decreed you as holy and blameless. He has, in his adopting work, decreed to the universe that you are his and he delights in you, is proud of you, loves you, and cherishes you. You are a co-heir with Christ of all he has.”
Matt Chandler (via hislivingpoetry)